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Stock ##2256

36″ steel door with 9Lite, two windows, and painted.

LocationDCMB Arvin
Building Size (WxL)10X14
Retail Price$5,514.00
Pre-Owned Price$4,692.60
10 x 14 Garden Shed Presidential
Stock ##9180

Presidential Series: 36″ Steel Door with 9Lite,  two 24×36 windows, electrical package, dark laminate flooring, two 24″ dormers, 14′ shed dormer, and loft.

LocationDCMB Arvin
Building Size (WxL)10 x 14
Retail Price$8,700.00
Pre-Owned Price8127.25
10277 12X28 Utility Shed Champion
Stock ##10277

12X28 Utility Shed Champion Series: upgrade double doors, 48″ dutch Door, 24×36 window, and 8 wide X 4′ divider wall.

LocationDCMB Arvin
Building Size (WxL)12x28
Retail Price$9,031.00
Pre-Owned Price$8,579.45
Stock ##1458

12′ Garden Cabana Features: 4×4 ACQ pressured treated skids, two 24″x36″ windows, double 30″ wood doors, 6’6″ walls, T&G 1’x6′ siding, 16″ on center wall framing, 30 year shingles and aluminum drip edge. #5778R

LocationDCMB Arvin
Building Size (WxL)12x12
Retail Price$4,250.00
Pre-Owned Price$3,400.00