Double Wide Sheds

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Need a larger storage building? Our Double Wide Sheds give you the larger square footage in a prefab building without having to go 40+ foot long.
We Build the double wide in 16′, 20′ 24′ & 28′ Wide.

(See Pricing Below)

Available Upgrades

  • More info and pricing coming soon!
  • We Build the double wide in 16′, 20′ 24′ & 28′ Wide.

Warranty Information

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Building SizeRetail PriceFactory Direct PriceRent-to-Own
WxL+ TaxMonthly + Tax
16×24$ 10,553.40$8,294.50Not Available
16×28$ 12,212.40$9,677.00Not Avaliable
20×20$ 10,968.00$8,640.00Not Available
20×24$ 13,041.60$10,368.00Not Available
20×28$ 15,115.20$12,096.00Not Available
24×20$ 13,041.60$10,368.00Not Available
24×24$ 15,530.40$12,442.00Not Available
24×28$ 18,018.60$14,515.50Not Available
28×20$ 15,115.20$12,096.00Not Available
28×24$ 18,018.60$14,515.50Not Available
28×28$ 20,912.40$16,934.50Not Available