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Quaker w/Run

Pre-Built or Custom Built

We offer 4 unique styles of chicken coop – The Quaker, Dutch, Lean-to, & A Frame. These all come standard with exit/entrance ramp 9″x12″ chicken door with latch to hold it open, man door, Duratemp painted siding and asphalt shingle roof. We carry them in standard sizes from 3×4 to 8×10 but can custom build anything up to a 14×40.

Are you planning on raising your own chickens and eggs or do you currently have chickens?

Here are a few helpful tips on sizing a Chicken Coop for the number of Chickens you have or are planning to own.

If you are planning on keeping them confined in the Coop at all times than you should figure on a minimum of 4 square foot of floor space per chicken.

However if they are given free range access or a caged run area you can than increase the flock number to 2 square foot of interior space per bird but make sure your coop plus run area total is a minimum of 6-10 square foot per bird. You should have 1 nesting box per 4-5 hens and at least 6″ of roost length per bird. Take the plunge, they are not hard work and are rewarding. Raising chickens and producing your own eggs has never been easier or more fun than with one of our Chicken Coops.

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