Youngster's Yacht Pirate Ship Playset
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The little sailors in your family will be overjoyed to clamber aboard the all new Youngster's Yacht Pirate Ship Playset from Playmor Swing Sets. Once on board they will find plenty of room to occupy themselves. Above deck the "crew" can shoot marbles or play jacks on the spacious front deck while the watchful "skipper" carefully guides the vessel from the Captain's Booth on the upper deck. Meanwhile, in the spacious hold of the ship, the "Sailing Ladies Society" could be conducting a formal tea party.


The list of amenities available for equipping this Pirate Ship is quite impressive. On the front deck (5' level) a 12' Gang Plank, 10' slide, 5' Hanging Bridge, or 5' Ladder would fit the two standard openings. A 14' Scoop Wave Slide or Turbo Tube Slide would nicely equip the standard opening on the upper deck (7' level).


This Pirate Ship also features three "ports of entry" for Rock Climbs, Pipe Climbs, or Cargo Nets. (Two ports on the 5' level and one on the 7' level.)An A-Frame Attachment can be installed on top of the rail at the 5' level making this yacht a truly versatile vessel of fun.

We can start with the Pirate Ship and add only the options you want or you can choose any of 3 preconfigured sets:

#911 Historic Adventures

Length: 22' • Width: 37'

Includes Youngster's YachtPirate Ship Mast and Sail, Easy Ride Attachment Beam (4 Position), Trapeze With Rings, Baby Swing, Sling Swing, Horse Glider, 7' Rock Climb, 5' Cargo Net, 14' Scoop Wave Slide, 12' Gang Plank, Child's Picnic Table, 2 Telescopes, and Hand Rails.


#912 High Seas Explorer

Length: 29' • Width: 27'

Includes Youngster's YachtPirate Ship Captain's Canopy, High Ride Attachment Beam (3 Position), Trapeze With Rings, 2 Sling Swings, Turbo Tube Slide, 12' Gang Plank, 10' Scoop Wave Slide, 5' Rock Climb, Child's Picnic Table, and 2 Telescopes. (Pictured with optional stain.)

Or go for the ultimate Playset:


#950 Happy Landing Harbor which as shown teams up the Pirate Ship with the New Dream Castle.   Length: 30' • Width: 48'

Dream Castle, Pinnacle Cedar Roof, Easy Ride Attachment Beam (4 Position), Baby Swing, Trapeze With Rings, Sling Swing, Horse Glider, Turbo Tube Slide, 5' Pipe Climb, Telescope, 6 Flower Boxes, Hand Rails, 10' Bridge, Youngster's Yacht, Pirate Ship Mast & Sail, 7' Rock Climb, 14' Scoop Wave Slide, 12' Gang Plank, 5' Cargo Net, Telescope, and Child's Picnic Table.

Available Upgrades
  • 10' Scope Wave Slide (5' Deck in Red, Yellow, Blue, or Green)
  • 14' Scope Wave Slide (7' Deck in Red, Yellow, Blue, or Green)
  • 5' Cargo Net
  • 5' or 7' Pipe Climb
  • 5' or 7' Rock Climbs
  • 5' Tower Tunnel (Yellow or Green)
  • 6' and 10' Bridge
  • 7' Monkey Bar Climber
  • Baby Swings (Red, Yellow, Blue, or Green)
  • Gang Plank (10' and 12' long)
  • Hand Grips (Red, Yellow, Blue, or Green)
  • Horse Glider (Red, Yellow, Blue, or Green)
  • Periscope (Red, Yellow, Blue, or Green)
  • Sling Swing (Red, Yellow, Blue, or Green)
  • Telescope (Red, Yellow, Blue, or Green)
  • Trapeze (Red, Yellow, Blue, or Green)
  • Tunnel Twister Slide (5' Deck in Green only
  • Turbo Tube Slide (7' Deck in Yellow, Blue, or Green)
  • Youngster's Yacht Captain's Canopy (Striped with White and Red, Yellow, Blue, or Green)
  • Youngster's Yacht Mast and Sail
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